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Melting Point Videos 

Click here to watch the president of Volvo Trucks put his neck on the line in his own exciting stunt showcasing the strength of metalcasting. No trick filming. Just Claes Nilsson, testing the new Volvo FMX.

What does manufacturing mean to you? This video demonstrates the comeback of American manufacturing and the future it holds for all Americans. Click here to watch. 

Click here to see what happens when you pour metal down an ant hole? Scientists gain a better understanding of ant colonies.

See how a new football facemask was designed and produced as a metal casting.

The new roof constructed for the Arthur Ashe Stadium, where tennis's U.S. Open is played, relied on large cast steel connectors for structural support.

The seats at baseball parks and stadiums across the country feature cast iron sides and armrests produced at a metalcasting facility in Indiana.